Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cigars: Fight for your Cigar: Hillary Clinton Hates Us

In recent months there has been a scare in the cigar community after congress devised a bill that would essentially tax the cigar industry into extinction. This proposed tobacco tax is geared so that cigars would be hit hardest because of volume. So far it has passed in congress and the senate, but is waiting for Bush's approval. Bush, being a cigar smoker and Republican, has vowed to veto this bill. FYI: It was a Democrat that devised the bill. Hillary Clinton, one of the largest proponents of the tax, is now with the stance in her presidential campaign that she is for the banning of smoking in ALL public places. Listen, I am all for the banning of smoking in places where 10% or more of their revenue comes for food sales, but where is this going to stop? Cigars are not like Cigarettes. I am a cigar smoker. I enjoy socializing and good conversation. Is the only place where I will be able to enjoy both at the same time going to have to be reduced to doing so in my own living room? What is your stance on the issue?


takeapartthewords said...

I'd have to say I agree with you. I know cigar smokers, I know cigarette smokers and though some people smoke cigarettes socially, cigar smoking is more of a social event than a habit or addiction. That's why you see cigarette smokers anywhere you go (while walking around the street, driving to work, etc) more often than cigar smokers. Though I enjoy non-smoking restaurants, there are other places and times when smoking should be allowed other than just the comfort of your own home. Just because you enjoy a cigar and some other people don't doesnt mean you should hinder your lifestyle completely to accomodate others- isnt it enough that you have to give it up in most places? Pool halls, bars and other social hangouts should offer the choice to smoke or not instead of forcing a non-smoking lifestyle on everyone.

I'm having trouble figuring out which way to lean in the upcoming election and need to do more research, but knowing she wants to ban smoking everywhere definatley has an impact on my decision. I vote based on topics and issues, not political affiliation and this is just another topic to help sway where I stand.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Cannot even smoke in public place! Then where the fcuk do u want smoker to smoke???!!! This is bad! Over here during working hr I have to smoke in the toilet! BTW tq for dropping at my site!Have a nice day!