Monday, August 27, 2007

Music: Blues: Sauce Boss and The Ingredients

This weekend I discovered a really amazing band at the Orlando House of Blues: SAUCE BOSS and the INGREDIENTS, which is led by Blues and Rock musician Bill Wharton. Bill is a sixty-something musician that has toured for over 17 years and is nothing short of an amazing performer. Literally bouncing off the walls, Wharton was in the crowd interacting with the ladies while singing the fun Rock-Blues song "She's a Monkey (literally grooming thier hair like a monkey would), wailing a guitar solo while standing up on the bar, and literally cooking up a vat of Gumbo for the audience during the performance! It was really interesting how he incorporated the Gumbo in that he made the analogy that the audience, like the world is very eclectic or made up of all types of people and, like the gumbo with all its ingredients thrown into a big pot, should be able to get along and enjoy the finer things in life such as music genre that started it all, The Blues.

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