Wednesday, February 25, 2009

McDonald's McCafe Coffee Rocks!

McDonald's Hires Baristas While Starbucks Closes 600 Stores

Think of the top places you might go when craving a grande-low-fat-milk-sugar-free-syrup-vanilla-latte-hold-the-whip-cream please!

A) Starbucks
B) Barnie's
C) Dunkin’ Donuts
D) …McDonald’s?

The Orlando Business Journal reported last Friday that McDonald’s is adding baristas and coffee bars to 180 Central Florida locations this year.
That’s funny, because I could’ve sworn Starbucks recently decided to close 600 of their coffee shops nationwide. Oh wait, they did! In fact, some of the store closures are happening in Orlando. Orlando Fashion Square Mall, Oviedo Marketplace, and Winter Park Village all have Starbucks businesses that are closing.

The fear of an approaching lesser demand for fancier and more expensive coffees isn’t keeping McDonald’s from growing in new directions. According to the OBJ article, McDonald’s is spending about $18 million to add “McCafe” areas. That’s about a $100,000 investment per store.

The catch is that McDonald’s is offering to sell their fancy coffees for less than their competitors’ prices. The future looks bright for McCafe coffees in Orlando firstly because there are over 50,000 college students enrolled at UCF—many of whom will be begging for a caffeine rush during late night studies come mid-semester.


Joe said...

it turns out the McCafe Mocha isn't as bad as i thought it would be; i guess they use real espresso

OICantu13 said...

That's right Joe! They not only use espresso, but t
hey use 100% Arabica Beans, which are some of the best coffee beans that you can use.