Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Get to Know Dalton Orlando

From Dalton Agency Blog

Dalton Agency – Orlando (affectionately known as Dalton South) is currently dedicated to the McDonald’s Central Florida Co-op which consists of over 185 stores in nine counties. It’s a lot of ground to cover, but the Dalton Orlando team is doing a great job combining the many facets of effective advertising.

Account Executive, Marvecia Robinson over sees Community Relations and specializes in target marketing for the Orlando, Jacksonville and Savannah markets. Account Executive Will Kelly manages all Local Store Marketing initiatives including store grand openings, competitive action plans, and local community relations on the store level. McDonald’s Media Director, Sally Cappy is the resident media guru handling all things media in the Orlando, Jacksonville and Savannah markets. Field Marketing Manager, Omarr Cantú orchestrates external events such as concerts, community and sporting events. The whole Orlando machine is overseen by Senior Account Executive Tracy Daniels who makes sure that Account Service for McDonald’s is a top priority in everything we do. Public Relations point person Allison Garrett handles everything involving PR and also (wo)mans the McDonald’s Store Crisis Hotline, a.k.a. MCD-911.

The new office is in Downtown Orlando, right along the old train tracks that built the Central Florida business hub. Matter of fact, the building is actually only about eight feet from those tracks! About five times a day, Dalton South quakes with the flow of creativity, determination, and enthusiasm. Okay, so maybe its just the vibrations from the cargo trains…but you’d never know from the passion of the Dalton Orlando office.

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