Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Just Game "Boys" Any More.

"Figure out who your target demographic is, how they think, what they like, and how to attack them." This is the most basic strategy in advertising. This is especially important when targeting a very specific niche market, one that, let's say has almost a cult following.

To someone in the general market, being a "Gamer" would imply that that person was a part of this niche market, but in reality according to a recent study by Gamespot about 72 percent of the United States is composed of gamers between the ages of 6-44. Yes this is a very broad spectrum when trying to target market, especially when there are so many different gaming genres, but this is a very good thing when trying considering that the number continues to increase every year as more and more Americans grow into this demographic. According to the same article, online gaming in itself has increased about 2 percent alone in the last year.

The median age for the average gamer is 35. As the average age for marriage goes up in the US, so does the amount of well paid young professionals with surplus incomes. Coincidence? It is no wonder why this industry is booming. In 2007, the gaming industry saw record gains reaching 17.9 Billion dollars.

It's no wonder why gaming topics are some of the highest trending topics on twitter with such feeds as @videogametweets and mainstream big screen movies such the new movie Gamer
Glitch Gaming Apparel
With such a huge industry that is by and large fueled by mostly adults with a surplus income, there is much opportunity to tap into this so called "niche" market with such concepts as custom gaming accessories and gaming apparel. Companies like Glitch Gaming Apparel whose sole purpose is to cater to the American gamer in their innovative niche creative t-shirt designs. Glitch Shirts are punny and have the "cult" feel to them in that if you are not a gamer, you flat won't get them. It's a good thing that 72 percent of the population will get them. I guess it's not such a niche after all...

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