Monday, February 22, 2010

Artist Michelle Mardis at Orlando Arts & Living Expo

One of my favorite things about my profession, field marketing, is having the opportunity to meet so many unique and interesting individuals. Along the way, I have had the distinct opportunity to gain exposure to athletes, politicians, celebrities, and artists. Recently while at the Orlando Downtown Arts & Living Expo around Downtown Lake Eola, I encountered an artist whose creations upon canvas I have truly become infatuated with. Her name is Michelle Mardis, an artist originally from my home state of Texas, but currently resides in the small town of Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Michelle's work, filled with insight, perspective, and colors that captivate the imagination, seem to capture a moment in time as seen through a colored prism. Her work is at times even hypnotic as you can discover minute details the longer you stare at the piece. Michelle is such a wonderful, down to earth individual who I quickly felt comfortable with and almost instantly became friends with. Being the lover of Blues Music that I am, by the end of the show I invested in a print of legendary musician Muddy Waters that seemed to capture the contrast of his personal and professional soul and adventures.  I encourage you to become acclimated with her work, you wont regret it. You can visit her website or even follow her on Twitter or Facebook

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