Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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The Super Bowl is the biggest marketing event of the year; last year's event had a record 98.7 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

CBS Corp. sold out of ads at average prices that are better than last year, with some 30-second spots topping $3 million apiece. The final spot sold six days before kickoff.

That's a few days ahead of schedule. Last year, NBC sold $213 million in ads, and still had two 30-second spots remaining two days before the game. NBC announced on the eve of the game that it sold a total of 69 spots.

Here's a list of the brands that bought ad time during this year's Super Bowl:

Bud Light. Man builds a house out of beer cans.

Bud Light. Astronomers act wisely as asteroid nears.

Bud Light. Guys' voices take on a strange tone.

Budweiser. Teamwork helps beer truck.

Bud Light. Castaways make lucky discovery.

Michelob Ultra. Ultra fits life of Lance Armstrong.

Select 55. World's lightest beer: 55 calories.

Anheuser-Busch. Clydesdale's friend.

Audi A3 TDI. Audi diesel pleases green police.

Boost Mobile. Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle parody.

Bridgestone. Guys have an unexpected passenger: a killer whale.

Bridgestone. In future world, fast cars, good tires coveted.

CareerBuilder. Consumer-created ad contest winner. Car-buying makes confident guy nervous.

Coca-Cola. Coke perks up "The Simpsons" mogul Mr. Burns after he hits hard times.

Coca-Cola. Sleepwalker going through rough terrain to get a cold Coke.

Dodge. Charger R/T performance, handling.

Denny's. Free breakfast on customers' birthdays.

Denny's. Chickens overworked to supply eggs for free Grand Slam breakfasts on Tuesday.

Denny's. Free Grand Slam breakfast day is good time to be American, but bad time to be a chicken.

Diamond Foods. Enjoying Emerald Nuts and Pop Secret popcorn treats.

Dockers. Men marching in their underwear while singing, "I Wear No Pants."

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