Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dominos Reinvents Its Brand with New Ingredients, Look, and Online Presence

Dominos has completely changed its look from the literally the crust up. After failing at delivering a pizza that appealed to a consumer whose tastes have matured, Dominos took a completely new approach to invent its brand: honesty. They came out and blatantly said that they know that the average consumer deems their product to below par, and instead of redesigning their marketing strategy to boost their existing product, they went to the drawing board and re-engineered their product and supported it with media.

Me knowing the power ot advertising and being the skeptic that I normally am, I suggested that my office give the new product a try. To say the least, we were all stunned with the newly designed website that not only tells the consumer exactly where their product is in the kitchen (dough, ingredients, firing, boxing it up, etc) but the name of the employee that was creating the pie, and to the minute on the estimated delivery time. When the pizza came to the door, the delivery man was very cordial and the first thing that I noticed was the actual weight of the pizza. This thing was heavy! Loaded with quality ingredients, the smell was intoxicating. When we tried it, we were mesmerized. This really was a new product that they were pushing.

A completely revamped brand that is supported with up front, honest, "I'm Sorry Our Pizza Sucked" advertising which is more than commendable. Some have criticized this approach saying that Dominos is too honest, but I strongly feel that this was the best approach the brand could have taken by taking the term "re-brand" seriously. Other blog posts can be seen on the ballsy Dominos website  Dominos has even done a great job at interacting with the consumer via Twitter @Dominos and Facebook.

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