Monday, September 20, 2010

A Cigar Band Is The Brand: Camacho Cigars 10th Anniversary Zippo

Mr. Squiddy has some really amazing custom cigar lighters using the cigar maker's brand, as the focal point for what he forms into a true work of art. In the cigar industry, a cigar label is like badge of honor or a code of arms. It signifies the hard work, careful quality control, and the cigar family's history that has gone into that particular tobacco stick.  Take for instance, Arturo Fuente Cigars. When Carlito Fuente introduced his most famous top shelf cigar, the Fuente Fuente Opus X, he spent 10 tedious, painstaking years perfecting what this cigar band would look like. Every feature down to the embossing was custom chosen. The cigar band is more than just a brand, it is a badge of honor and an attempt to create a legacy.  

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