Friday, September 10, 2010

How To Make Money By Checking In with @WeReward by @Izea

...Or The Excuse To "Check In" Without Being Made Fun By A Family Member.

So at the risk of my online friends shooting me an email saying, "Hey Omarr, I think your account was hacked! Someone posted a bunch of crap about making money through twitter!" Let me preface this post by saying THIS IS NOT A HACK! It's for real!
Last October, I attended IzeaFest in Orlando, FL where I quickly got exposed to one of Social Media Innovator Ted Murphy's latest concepts, Sponsored Tweets. ST users have to qualify and are prompted to tweet out sponsored content varying from retailer specials to insurance promotions to the latest tips and trick to gain followers by using pay as you go software. I really liked Sponsored Tweets. I thought it was quick, easy and allowed me as a marketing professional to gain some extra dough while sharpening my craft. I was able to track the traffic I was driving and best of all resend out content using different variations of buzz words and headlines and play a little social experiment to see what worked. Nothing against this product other than I would sometimes feel torn between wanting to send out a post to earn that extra $1, but then having a moral problem with saying that then newest stay free Maxi-Pads worked really well. (How would I know?!?) All in all, I really liked Sponsored Tweets. It is a great program, oh and I've $34.10 since I first began "tweeting professionally" in October or 2009.

Fast Forward Several Months to a move to Austin, Texas.

I recently jumped on the geo-targeted social media (Foursquare) bandwagon several months ago. Although it was fun (and kind of addicting), but didn't REALLY get addicted until I learned of the greatest thing since sliced bread, WeReward. WeReward rewards offers points that translate to one point equals one cent. 100 points equals $1 Dollar, you get the deal. With its three ways of earning, WR has really pushed the envelope of making social media and social marketing lucrative for the marketer. I have already earned more than Sponsored Tweets in half the time. Since May 24th, the date that the program was released, I have earned $46.44! Awesome huh!


Here are the 3 ways to earn that extra milk money:



WeReward is a geo-targeted form of social media, so all you have to do is check in just as you would with Foursquare or Gowalla. Some advertisers such as Quizno's, Home Depot, and Chili's have opted to put up a little more cash as a reward. So you will see those offers are worth a little more. I have seen some check in offers worth as much as a whopping 300 points! (Thank you Wendy's.)



Some of Izea's feature advertisers have opted to advertise by creating a task for their consumers to complete. From "Take a crazy picture with Purex Detergent," (how you do this is still a mystery) to "Take a picture with your favorite Coca-Cola product with a big smile. I love these because if you want to get really creative, you can. Truth be told, I go on "task scavenger hunts" when I'm board. ; )



You can also make a bounty by sending out tweets prompting your friends to sign up to join in on the fun. (Hint, Hint - Sign up with the link below!!)

Download WeReward and Check In.


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