Monday, October 4, 2010

@JackBox's Awesomely Effective Interactive Campaign

Awesome Jack in the Box Interactive site. I am so impressed with this campaign because it was carefully constructed in a way that tempts the target user to get them interact. I am curious to see what the click through rate is, and the average time spent on this website. I have decided to take some screenshots to show step by step what Mr. Jack Box did right to sucker me into getting deeper and deeper into the website.

First things first: I have been checking in a lot of places, reviewing products and customer service, and tweeting about many brands due to my WeReward obsession. Jack In The Box is one of the brands that I have recently rediscovered and have frequented because of WeReward simply because I have discovered their HUGE menu, good customer service, cleanliness, and tasty options.  (Most you, my friends, know very well about this deep obsession I have recently come to terms with and have adopted as my hobby.) I have tweeted about the things that I like about my experiences. This apparently got the attention of the brand which led to them following me. That's where my Jack In The Box interactive adventure began....

1. Jack In The Box Follows @OmarrCantu

2. I check out Jack In The Box's Twitter profile: @JackBox

3. See Jack In The Box twitter post on current Facebook social contest where users are prompted to follow Jack to be entered in a contest to win cash.

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4. Clicked on the link that took me to the Facebook page to learn about the contest.

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5. Entered my name in the box (pardon the pun) which allowed Jack to gather my contact information.

6. Received a personalized email from Jack informing me that now I am a part of the real "Society of Cool People" (Jack swears this is a real society). We marketing professionals know that personalized emails increase the chance that the e-blast will be opened. The email prompts me to check out Jack's office and I dont know about you, but I wanted to see if it looked like a corporate CEO's office or a circus tent.

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7. The corporate CEO office landing page is in short, awesome. With its witty commentary, subtle prompts to get the user to click deeper and deeper, and scavenger hunt elements to make the user hover to find the next opportunity to interact, this website is one of the best I have ever seen. If you hover and click on the phone, you can customize a message from Jack Box and send as either a video email or phone call to taunt a friend, call in sick to work, or even break up with a significant other! Very cool. The page also has a really great compilation of branded widgets that allows the user to download use on their desktop, a constant reminder that Jack In The Box is the cure for the computer hunger pains.

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I really enjoyed this little e-adventure guided by the self-proclaimed "Ruler of the Fast Food World" and I thought I'd share. Please share your thoughts as well!

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