Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things Wealthy People Do To Become More Wealthy

I just watched a video, you know one of those Multi-Level Marketing videos that someone sent me, and I recognized several key points that it mentioned to be be very insightful, maybe even valuable. I broke them down for you so that you can be the judge.

Things Wealthy People Do To Become More Wealthy

  1. Utilize Multiple Streams of Income.
  • Wealthy people don’t just focus on one source of income like most Americans who drone every day at their place of work. The invest. They create a portfolio. They don’t rely on one income source especially in a turbulent “anything goes” economy where an employer can get rid of you for no reason.
  1. Utilize the Power of Leverage.
  • Time vs. Effort - This is the whole reason why there is a “Boss” structure. The wealthy are in those positions of power and utilize that stronghold to delegate others so they can capitalize from their effort. Capitalism 101.
  1. Collect Things Deemed Valuable.
  • Human Beings are inherently have a collectors mentality. Either as a hobby, or form of associating a collection with wealth. Most people use their wealth to collect junk, things that have no monetary value and only lead to more debt. Wealthy people collect things that can generate value. Instead of collecting bobble heads, collect certified sports memorabilia. Instead of collecting wine bottles or corks, collect vintage fine wines. Instead of collecting model cars, collect real cars.
  1. Capitalize on Timing.
  • Wealthy people research the market they live in, look around for investment opportunities and then capitalize on them before the masses realize it is an opportunity.

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