Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Your Answer Is Under A Bottle Cap: @MagicHat utilizes the bottle cap as an intimate medium

It has been the longest day ever at work, you get home and dig in your fridge or to your favorite watering hole and order a beer. As that cold, moist glass bottle looks back at you, you decide to pop the top and take that first refreshing swig. Suddenly a refreshed, satisfied, relaxed emotion overwhelms you and at that very moment you look down at the bottle cap sitting in your hand and read, "Here's Looking Back At You, Kid." You have just had an intimate moment with your beer brand of choice. 

Vermont based brewery, Magic Hat is one of several brewers that understand this intimate moment and have done a wonderful job at capitalizing on this moment as a medium to share humorous thoughts in hopes of establishing a stronger brand loyalty. 

Personally, I have a weird fetish with bottle caps. Because of their history, they remind me of a bygone era of a simpler time. Since college, I have kept every bottle cap that I have popped at home a big glass jar. I hope to one day use them for an art project. Just call it one of my quirks. 

Here are some of the Magic Hat Bottle Cap Sayings that I liked. 
  • They answer is in your other hand. 
  • I never won Oregon Trail. I never could ford the river. 
  • Recycle your soul. 
  • It is better to make than to take. 
  • Undressing. Distressing or a Blessing?
  • Be a Fool For Ale at Yule. (Not sure what that means.)
Red Dog has some K-9 humor to share as well. 
  • The World's going to the dog.
  • Proud to be Red Dog.
  • Let Your Tongue Hang out. 
In 1892 William Painter patented the bottle cap, then called the Crown Cork named after the round cork insert that resembled the Queen of England's crown, I doubt he ever thought that one day brands such as Mickey's Malt Liquor, Magic Hat, Miller Brewing Company's Red Dog, and even Snapple would ever use it to share funny jokes, antidotes,  riddles, or puzzles with their patrons. Maybe that's because advertising was then just beginning. In any case, pop that top tonight at Happy Hour and share your millisecond of amusement.

Read more by following @MagicHat on Twitter. 

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