Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CIGARS: Oliva Series V

Several months ago at the Oliva Series V launch event at Corona Cigar Company, I had the opportunity to meet Ovi Guerra of Oliva Cigars. He turned to me handed me a Series V Figurado and said,"So, your a fan of our cigars, do you like full bodied cigars? Light this one up." I have to admit, other than the Master Blend 3, I was not really that big a fan of Oliva. I found many other cigars,although complex and smooth, did not have the uniqueness of other, fuller bodied cigars offered. That is until i found the Series V. This cigar is nothing short of amazing. With their unique fermentation process, Oliva has been able to harness the bite of the Ligero tobacco from "biting" the lips and throat while keeping the flavor that is signature to a good Ligero cigar. What is left is a smoke stick that is smooth, VERY full flavored and gives you that kick in the gut feeling that Ligero offers. Seriously, this cigar punches you in the gut, pleasantly if I might add, and for me, even gives me hick-ups, no kidding! Try this cigar. I have already converted many from regular ligero smokers to Oliva Series V smokers, you wont be sorry.

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