Friday, November 16, 2007

CIGARS: Bucanero Cigars: Z

Recently one of my cigar buddies that comes into Corona Cigar every now and again, shared with me a boutique cigar that he recently discovered at one of his local Cigar Lounges in West Florida near Tampa Bay. Being that Steve is very much a cigar aficionado himself, I take his suggestions to heart. He just so happened to have one Bucanero Z in his Cigar sleeve and decided to give it to me to smoke and review. So here it is. the Bucanero Z lit well and had a nice draw and decent burn. This cigar was very mild to mild-medium bodied and had a pleasant nuttiness. Initially I thought I tasted some woodiness, but this was over come by a nice roasted almond flavor with some hazelnut notes. I feel that at a price point of $6.75, it was a little more than what I would have paid for it and is a little overpriced for what you get. I think at a perhaps a $4 to $5 price point this particular cigar would do very well, but unfortunately this is not the case. For my palate, this stick was not complex enough to gain that kind of price, but overall this is a decent stick that should be given a chance.

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