Friday, November 16, 2007

CIGARS: Graycliff Cheteau Grand Cru

When talking about a 'complex' smoke, one is referencing what makes a cigar interesting. One is referencing the noticeable changes in a cigar that take place from its initial lighting down to the stub that is left in the hand. Some of these changes include mostly changes in flavor, intensity of flavor, the strength or body of the cigar, and whether it spicy, mellow, sharp or smooth. The Graycliff Cheteau Grand Cru encompasses every one of these changes. It is, without a shadow of doubt the most complex cigar that I have ever encountered. Initially it is overwhelmingly full bodied and spicy but varies later in the smoke to almost a mild mellow personality and then back again. It changes from spicy to smooth and back again. Dont be surprised if your taste buds get confused, this cigar has notes of coffee, spice, some cedar and wood, and even some roasted almond notes can be found in this delicious smoke stick. Its by far, in my opinion, the most complex smoke on the market. Yes all Graycliff Cigars command a higher price point that most cigars at an average $25 price point however they are well worth the dollar. All are handmade at the Graycliff 5 star resort in Nassau, Bahamas and are all rolled by only 9 Cuban master rollers. This particular cigar is composed of tobaccos from Mezzo-America including some Peruvian tobacco which is somewhat harder to come by. It is evident that the boys at Graycliff know their stuff and have taken their time and all necessary efforts to make this cigar great. Smoke this one and you wont be sorry, I guarantee it or the smoke is on me.

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