Saturday, November 24, 2007

CIGARS: Reviews, Bucanero Texas Star & Cañon

Very recently, with a somewhat pleasant Bucanero Cigars experience, I decided to purchase two sticks of my own to try hoping that the rest of the Bucanero line was as good as the 'Z' and that I would have good words to report on this small boutique cigar. I purchased the Bucanero Cañon and the Bucanero Texas Star, both of which left me severely disappointed. Both cigars did have a semi-clean draw and decent burn but the taste on these two cigars was almost unbearable. Seriously. I had to put both of them out. I make it almost a rule of thumb to smoke at least an inch of the cigar to discover what the stick is all about. I did so with the Cañon, this was a little more bearable, but only got about a half inch into the Texas Star (sad to admit this since I was very excited to see the word TEXAS on a smoke stick given my heritage). The Texas Star was almost metallic in taste, in fact I would compare this to a copper penny in it's bitter metallic taste. The Cañon, a beefy 60 gauge, is impressive to have hanging off your lip, it produces a nice puff of smoke, but the quality of smoke that I would like to report. It was very organic, but not like wood, cedar, or leather; these are all tastes that are very pleasant to me. This particular cigar unfortunately reminded me of packaging twine with its dry, almost hemp-like flavor or lack there off. The Bucanero Z is a decent smoke, however it's cousins the Cañon and the Texas Star failed to measure up to my expectations. Good luck should you try these two depressing smokes.

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