Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CIGARS: Omar Ortez Originals Review

In comparison to the older generation of cigar smokers, I am a fairly new brother of the leaf; however, in the short time that I have been smoking (2001), I have developed a palate that I can be pretty proud of. I can proudly say that the Omar Ortez Originals Nicaraguan Puro (Filler, Binder, and Wrapper) is one of the few cigars that appeals to both the older generation of puffers that prefer a more constant stronger smoke as well as the newer generation that is more apt to recognize and appreciate a cigar’s complexity. This medium to full bodied stick has a great light and burn and uncut, has a wonderful aroma. Once lit, this stick is very strong and spicy but then burns into a creamy, rich, woody bouquet that, in the words of my friend and fellow brother of the leaf Luke Sitka put it, “it has a oaky finish that makes me think of oak barrel whiskey.” Luke is absolutely right in that this cigar has a smoky oak finish that lingers on the palate very nicely. There isn’t much spice for about the first third of the cigar, but this changes as this complex smoke begins to open up more towards the middle giving the smoker the opportunity to experience some changes such as spice and sandalwood. Omar Ortez Originals come in rough edged, unfinished boxes of 60 in three sizes: Belicoso, Toro, and Torpedo. At about a $3.00 price point, you can’t go wrong. Great tasting, great satisfaction, Great price: what more can you ask for?

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