Tuesday, March 4, 2008

CIGARS: Review: Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real

This mild smoke from Altadis is rated by Cigar Aficionado as a 90, however I was unimpressed with it like most non-cuban Romeo Y Julieta Cigars. It lit nicely, had an even burn, but was simple and uninteresting. Of course this is a biased review in that I love a good hearty, complex smoke. This cigar has been in my humidor for several months and I chose it, to be perfectly honest, because I didnt have a lot of time on my hands so the 5x44 Corona size, in this case was perfect. It lit and began with a slight metallic taste that left a slight bitterness on the tongue but improved into a consistently woody flavor. I would like to try this one again with some brandy and a cedar match to see if this can bring out any more personality as I found it to be very bland. This is a mild, somewhat creamy smoke that would be great to share with your buddies on the golf course, not to indulge with business partners that you expect to dazzle like the Altadis ads would suggest.

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