Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interview with Austin Based Eatery: Torchy's Tacos

Torchy's Tacos

So it has been a while since I have posted. Sorry. I was laid off by last company (who I will not name since I am contemplating writing a post about them soon). Really didnt have much to share since I have been at home preoccupied with the job hunt.  I did want to share some great things about one of the companies that I am meeting with in the near future: Torchy's Tacos.

Torchy's Tacos is truly an Austin local favorite. The "not your average" taco joint was created several years ago under the idea that all the fresh ingredients and bold flavors of the gourmet taco should meld together at the first bite. I have to agree. Not knowing of this place when I first moved to Austin 6 months ago, I asked some new friends what was the best local eatery that I absolutely had to try out. Their response was, without a missing a beat, Torchy's! So of course I had to try the place. They told me that Torchy's was first started as one of those food vendors in a streamline trailer that Austin is so famous for having, but has now expanded into having several Austin locations, all of which have very distinctly decorated decor. The Taco Menu was out of this world with so many flavor combination with original and humorous entre titles like, "the Democrat, "the Ranch Hand," and of course the famous, "Dirty Sanchez."

My friends were right. Torchy's was the bomb. It was so good! I grew up in South Texas where some jalapenos will melt your face off, so I know good Tex-Mex food when I taste it. This was definitely good, tasty, fresh food, but not really Tex-Mex. Its kinda like Tex-Mex with a shot of urban gourmet and laced with, to steal from Hooter's tagline, delightfully tacky presentation. It was awesome. The restaurant interior was very clean, the service was extremely helpful, and then and there I became a fan boy.

During one of my visits to Torchy's I made acquaintance with a gentleman whom I later found out was the creator of the Torchy's brand. Bob Gentry asked to set up a meeting to discuss the company's immediate marketing needs due to recent company's expansion and growth in popularity. The company recently just expanded into the Dallas market and is planning to expand even more in the very near future.

I am really excited to have this opportunity to see the behind the taco counter meeting with this hip, expanding company. A company that seems to being doing the right thing and truly doing whats right for the taco.


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