Friday, October 8, 2010

Geo-targeted Guerrilla Marketing with @HurricaneParty's New App

Ok, So I am so excited about finding this new iPhone app that my buddy Glenn Banton turned me on to, check this out.

Austin based start up company Hurricane Party, has taken geo-targeting to the next level by creating a free iPhone app to help spread the word of social gathering. The Daily Texan explained it well, "Hurricane Party is an iPhone application that helps create a spontaneous social event by allowing the user to broadcast a potential get-together, locate friends, pinpoint event locations and get the ball rolling." The app not only allows you to send out invitations to get people together, but also monitors where people are congregated through its internal geo-targeted maps.

Austin Entertainment e-magazine, Austin Thrillist explains it well, "Start your "hurricane party" by selecting time & location, then choosing guests from people cross-referenced in both your Facebook and phone contacts; your chosen few get a text (to which they'll respond "I'll Be There", "Maybe Stop By" or "Rain Check"), and the party's geo-displayed with a spinning storm image that changes speed and color based on event popularity -- from CAT1 to CAT5, but not LOLCat, because that's so popular it'll level the city. HP also combs your social networks for public events created by other Hurricaners, displaying which of those gatherings your friends will attend, plus real-time wall-style updates -- so you'll know if your friends are actually attending, or just RSVPeasy."

The Daily Texan goes on to explain, "One incentive of using the app is setting up a Hurricane Party with a partner company...where you will get some form of discount for taking a group of friends there. Businesses can also go on the website and initiate an offer for a discount, which can be accessed by any Hurricane Party user.It would be a win-win situation, Price said: The local business gets more customers and the Hurricane Party user gets a discount, as well as some help deciding which local spots to frequent."

With that in mind, from a non-traditional marketing perspective, you can turn this technology on its axis and utilize this monitoring system for event marketing and guerrilla marketing. By having the ability to see where the highest congregation of people are, say for an large event weekend such as Austin City Limits, South by Southwest, North by Northwest, or even Warped tour, you can plan a rapid attack (drive by) marketing blitz for your activated street teams. This would also enable a non-traditional marketing specialists the ability to strategically place any guerrilla marketing stunts, graphics, and collateral to increase the number of impressions gained.

If you can see any other non-traditional marketing uses for this application, please share your thoughts below!


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