Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Master Networker Must Have Tool: WorldCard Mobile App

WorldCard Mobile is one of the coolest iPhone applications I have come across and for the money, can be a pretty sweet little investment for your company's business development. If you are anything like me, I collect business cards at networking events like crazy and they all either end up in my bathroom draw or entry way counter top. I enter what information that I need such as a phone number and then I look like a fool when I have to call the guy asking for his email address because I didn't save all his information the first time. This is an easy solution to organize the clutter and save your contacts information in a quick, efficient way, not to mention its only $5.99 which is a whole heck of a lot cheaper than those business cards scanners that my friends keep raving about.

Here is how it works:
  • Load the Application
  • Take a picture of your new contact's business card
  • Click recognize information
  • Save into your directory
  • Make any needed adjustments like saving a photo of the company logo, etc. 
It even has a feature that allows you to capture an email signature and import that directly into your contacts. 

I hardly ever give a raving review, but this application deserves it. Check out the LITE version to try it out for free! 


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Steve said...

I am using this app for the years, it accurately scanned my stack of calling cards and exported them to my iPhone's Addressbook. Overall it's good for my business.

Brian said...

Cool one to handle my business cards!! Now i am free from the bunch of cards and all are in the bin now:-) This app makes it all to store them perfectly into my iPhone 4G..Great!!